Ask a premier coach in any sport when the next season begins. His or her answer will be, “The day after this season ends.” The staff Horne Elementary (a LYS and Game On school) understands this. The 2010/2011 school year that ended on Thursday, June 2, 2011 wasn’t to their liking. For this 1,100 student, Title I campus, Recognized left a bitter taste. The pictures I’m sharing with the LYS Nation are from the voluntary staff training and planning session held on Friday, June 2, 2011. These teachers reviewed and recommitted to implementing the Foundation Trinity and executing the Fundamental 5. Then they spent the rest of the day planning instruction for the first week of the 2011/2012 school year. Knowing that next year will be tougher due to increased class sizes, a more rigorous accountability test and decreased district support, the Horne staff is starting right now in their quest to be one of the top schools in Texas. Follow their lead and when you hear someone spouts off about “fat-cat, lazy teachers” getting a summer vacation just forward them these pictures.Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn… Call Jo at (832) 477-LEAD to order your campus set of “The Fundamental 5: The Formula for Quality Instruction.” Individual copies available on! Louise ISD is searching for a Superintendent. Application details at Follow Sean Cain on Upcoming Event / Presentation Schedule June 11 (TASB) – The Fundamental Five; Improve Now! June 15 thru June 17 – TASSP Conference June 16 (TASSP) – Conference Breakfast, hosted by E. Don Brown (LYS travel tumblers for the first 1000 attendees, last year we ran out) June 16 (TASSP) – Book Release Event for “The Fundamental 5” June 18 – TASB Conference, Fort Worth