The following was submitted by an LYS Superintendent

“At Harvard for a Superintendent Conference. One of the case studies includes your district of origin and they are addressing LYS practices, without knowing they are LYS practices. You should have seen their faces when I told them I had behind the scene tours and discussions with key people making it happen.
Some of the professors here look down on Texas. One in particular replied to me, “Well Texas has always been…well…different.”

I’m fired up.”

SC Response:
First of all, the esteemed Harvard professor meant “Better.” He just lacked the vocabulary. Second, I’m not surprised. About a year and a half ago, E. Don Brown was in one of our new (at the time) client district on the day when some Harvard experts showed up to fix things. They spent 4 hours taking notes on everything Don said and then announced everything was on the right track so they weren’t needed.

Of course we took that as the Harvard seal of approval and have been waiting patiently for the phone call to work with them on improving their student performance.

Thanks for the update and take good notes for the rest of us.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…