It seems that the education world just can’t get enough of the LYS Nation.
First, on Thursday, over 100 school board members overcame bad weather to hear how the LYS schools have learned to eat the perceived pain of change for breakfast. Look out non-LYS districts, because your board members left the presentation embracing the Moral Imperative to Change and are fully aware of the danger of relying on false positives to assess system performance. It’s hard to be cynical about schools when there are board members like this audience who are out there working their tails off to lead more effectively and efficiently.

Then on Friday and Saturday at AASA, weather was an issue. There were over 700 participant cancellations due to the inclement weather on the East Coast. But we still had a room of interested Superintendents who came to hear how the hard work and disciplined action of motivated educators has produced significant performance gains in the LYS schools in Splendora ISD, Grand Prairie ISD and Cypress Fairbanks ISD. LYS Nation, your story seems like a fairy tale to most schools and their staffs. What was also nice was that the old school Harris County crew was well represented and that Dr. Paige, Dr. Guthrie, Dr. Folkes, Mr. Berry, and Dr. Merrill are still sought out by their peers across the county.
Finally, I’ll close with a little blatant (but unexpected) self-promotion. If it is true that you are known by the company you keep, then Malcolm Gladwell might be slipping a bit. You can find, “Jump Start Your School,” on
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