The following a continuation of my thoughts relating to yesterday’s post:

Here is the caveat. The LYS nation doesn’t always get the job. The LYS’er believes and subsequently talks different than the typical educator. The LYS’er believes that adult practice is the key to improving schools and student performance. Changing adult practice is a difficult and scary proposition. Many interviewers are scared by someone who will hold adults accountable. Many interview panels want no part of change, after all everyone on the panel is already doing everything that needs to be done.

When the LYS’er interviews in this setting, they invariably lose to the safe choice. On the other hand, if the LYS’er interviews for a Brezina or Brown type leader, they are the slam dunk choice. Since you don’t know who or what you will face in the interview, always be yourself. They will either value your skill set or they won’t. Better to know sooner rather than latter.

One warning. If you walk into the interview room and there are 10 people on the interview panel and they are interviewing 12 people, just leave. That is a tell-tale sign of weak leadership and a system that values the status quo. Not changing and not making tough decisions is what is valued in the system that allows this to happen. Run away. I’ve had to do this twice, and in both cases it was by far the right choice.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…