Principal’s log – 12/22/09
Read that the LYS blog is going dark for a couple of days. Who cares?

Principal’s log – 12/ 23/09
Think that there must be something wrong with my e-mail, didn’t get an update today.

Principal’s log 12/24/09
Forgot batteries, have extra parts after building a bicycle, and discovered no matter how much ice cream you put on it – fruitcake never tastes good. Wonder if the LYS Nation likes fruit cake?

Principal’s log 12/26/09
Need an LYS update. Found myself debating the merits of a staff and student dress code with the dog.

Principal’s log12/27/09
Discovered the LYS blog post archive. The shakes seemed have diminished.

Principal’s log 12/28/09
The shakes have returned, maybe I’m just cold.

Principal’s log 12/29/09
Have resorted to burning central office memos for heat. Have discovered that the shakes are not temperature related, but the flames are sooo pretty.

Principal’s log 1/1/10
Called my ingrate brother-in-law a “manager.” He though it was a compliment

Principal’s log 1/2/09
Not that I care, but if there’s not a LYS post tomorrow, either Cain’s on a growth plan or Brezina and Brown are going to have some serious explaining to do.

Missed you buddy 🙂

SC Response

We’re back, baby!!!

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…