In response to the posts relating to “Gant Wisdom 1,” a reader writes:

“I could not disagree more with the assertion that a familial atmosphere is only for adults. I work in a school that operates like a family in that we support each other in difficult times, laugh, cry, and get angry with each other like families do. It is in this trusting environment that we make the best decisions regarding our students. We hold honest conversations in regards to instruction, performance, environment, and a myriad of other topics on a daily basis. Every person on staff has an understanding of their role in the family – and an even greater appreciation for what each individual brings to the whole.

Our teachers definitely talk about the things we do that make them feel supported, and in the same breath will say that they are held accountable for every move they make and that kids are first, even when it makes their life miserable! We have worked to build what Michael Fullen calls the loose-tight system. We are relaxed and family oriented when it comes to our attitudes with each other and we act with the precision of the military when it comes to our instruction, content and performance.”

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