The LYS Nation continues to grow and knows no (social) boundaries. Last week I was out having dinner with my wife and a friend of ours (I won’t drop names, but she is one of the premiere writing experts in the country). As we are eating, a young woman comes up and sits at our table. I thought she knew one of the two women at the table, but instead she looked at me, pulled out her I-Phone, showed me a picture and said, “What do you think about these lesson frames?”

The frames were pretty good!

She was with a group of teachers, having dinner and discussing instruction. The excitement of teaching and learning was so important to her that it overcame any social inhibitions she might normally have and when she saw the opprotunity to validate her work and their discussion, she took it.

LYS Nation, this is what it is all about. Everyday we have access to new tools, techniques and insights that not only make us better teachers but have a dramatic impact on our students. We ought to feel like kids in a candy store. And when young teachers are at dinner and they want to talk about instruction with a virtual stranger, I worry a little less about the future and push myself to work just a little bit harder.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…