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When I was middle school and high school, before summer football practice would begin, I would go and spend a week with my uncle to get ready for the season. My uncle, a retired Marine fighter pilot and successful businessman would push me and my cousin to be ready both physically and mentally. When we were running hills at 5:30 in the morning, hoping not to puke and wanting to quit; right when I would think that I could go no further, he would be in my ear saying,

“Being great is based on how much pain you can endure.”

This is brilliant advice, always given when it was needed the most. It was given right when I had a choice, quit and remain average, or find just enough guts to keep going to have the chance to perhaps experience “great.”

Uncle Harold understood Marzano, before Marzano did. His reinforcement of my effort not only kept me working at that moment, but helped me build habits that I still rely on to this day. You may be smarter, faster, richer and better looking than me. You may beat me soundly and often. But, I’ll never willingly and knowingly let you outwork me.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Just a reminder for existing LYS readers and an invitation to new LYS readers, Sunday is advice day. Send me your favorite piece of advice and why, along with your mailing address. If I post it, I’ll send you a world famous Lead Your School can koozie.

Your turn…

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