In response to the reader’s observation in, “Who is Brezina – Part 4,” a reader writes:

“The fact that every district has its own climate is something I have learned the hard way. Having worked in AU schools, I have found it is the climate and culture, the attitude of adults if you will, that is the root cause of the problem. Having the academics sink to the level of AU is a mere symptom of a much deeper problems.

By adjusting your philosophy, does Brezina mean to seek middle ground? Or does he mean to find common ground and build upon it?

As Cain recently suggested to me in a phone call, sometimes there is no middle ground. So, then what?”

SC Response
As the reader states in his comment, we have discussed this issue on the phone. And as is often the case with real world situations, none of the solutions were neat and tidy. I think it is time to kick this problem up-stairs to the brain trust.

So Lead Your School readers, join the fray and share your opinion on this.

And just to ramp up the pressure, Brezina and Brown, I know you check in on a regular basis. What do the two of you think?

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…