In response to the posts, “Get Your Own E-Mail and Cell Phone,” a reader writes,

“I will heed the wisdom given on this topic but I also believe we should not operate out of fear. The Bible says one phrase more often than any other, by far: “Do not fear.”

If it gets to the point that someone is going after my emails and phone logs; number one, if they find something legitimate to hold against me, I should be gone. Number two, we are held to a higher standard as administrators and our communication is to be above reproach whether it is phone, email or stone tablet. Yes, I will get my own cell phone at work and my own email address, but I refuse to operate out of fear. Fear is a demonic oppression that clouds a whole life time of work, and I will not succumb to it.”

SC Response:
The purpose of the posts on e-mail and cell phones was not to scare anyone. It was to forewarn school leaders and change agents of the tactics that are used to stop them. You wouldn’t let your friends walk blindly off a cliff or your troops walk unaware into a mine field. You would warn them, so they can take the necessary precautions.

As for your point, if they find something, “shame on me.” That is the thinking that destroys good people. And by “destroy,” I mean to render ineffective or force to leave. Given enough information and the willingness to twist the facts to meet my agenda, I can make Mother Theresa look bad. As I was being prepped for a hearing with a terminated employee, our lawyer told me, “If all goes well, you’ll just come off as looking incompetent.” And this was a case where every fact was on our side.

So act with mission and purpose. Out think, out work, out perform the competition, and most importantly, never willingly give to the other guy the stick to beat you with.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…


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