Today’s post is the equivalent of the weekly campus memo.

1. Announcing the first Lead Your School contest. The Lead Your School can koozies and cup insulators have arrived. I’ll be handing them out during the summer speaking tour, but Lead Your School e-mail subscribers, you can get one before anyone else. Here’s the contest: The first 25 e-mail subscribers that send me a mailing address, I’ll ship you (for free) your choice of a can koozie or a cup insulator. Just respond by way of a comment (it won’t be published) and let me know which one you want. If you are not yet an e-mail subscriber, what are you waiting for?

2. On Sundays, I generally post some piece of advice that I have received over the years. Some of it great, some of it bad, some of it strange. The qualifier being that I have remembered it for some reason or another. Now it is your turn. Send me a piece (or pieces) of advice that you have received that has resonated with you and the reason why. If I use it, I’ll send you a koozie.

3. I want to send a shout out to the Concordia University M.Ed. classes that are auditing the LYS Blog. Welcome to School Leadership – Unvarnished. Now, quit observing from the sidelines and join our conversation.

4. Some Self Promotion. This June I am speaking at a number of conferences in Texas.

  • On June 10th and 12th, I have multiple presentations at the Rigor, Relevance and Relationship Conference – Hosted by Cypress Fairbanks ISD.
  • On June 11th, I present twice at the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals Summer Conference.
  • On June 13th, I co-present at the Texas Association of School Boards North Texas Conference with Dr. Price and Dr. Laird (Splendora ISD).
  • On June 20th, I co-present at the Texas Association of School Boards South Texas Conference with Dr. Price and Dr. Laird (Splendora ISD).

If you are attending any of these conferences, stop by and say hello.Think. Work. Achieve.Your turn…


Uncle Mike’s Advice

Last week LYS trained over 400 campus leaders on the PowerWalks observation system. Every trainee was diligent, attentive and earnest.…