In response to the post, “Great Advice – An Unknown High School Principal,” a reader writes:

“I couldn’t agree more. I also heard an expert in human resources say that there are hidden disqualifiers for teachers getting into teaching and the biggest one is obesity. Research shows that obese employees are more likely to miss work for illness, have a poor diet on the job, and are less productive than their height/weight proportioned colleagues. Being an out-of-shape leader will cause the masses to rebel out of a lack of respect. There was one non-existent thing in the Marine Corps that I loved and miss: out-of-shape leaders.”

SC Response
Both teaching and leading schools are tough and stressful when you are in shape; an unhealthy lifestyle only make it more difficult. I want to add two more points. First, I had a friend who was an excellent principal who died on the job a couple of years ago. He was very heavy and had a number of health issues. He worked himself to death for his school. Don’t ignore your family, friends and doctor and do what he did – take care of yourself.

Second, Coach John Boyd (an associate of mine) preaches for the need to be in “Teaching” shape. If you refuse to work at getting into teaching shape, he spends less coaching time you. Because his time is limited, he spends the majority of his time with the staff who are committed, mind and body, to improving their classroom effectiveness.

Think. Work. Achieve.

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