In response to the post, “Are You a Nester,” a reader writes:

“Nesters have no business in educational administration. Whoever read that and was convicted by it had better never let it happen again. That is why schools have been so mediocre. Organizational management is critical to administration. How can students, teachers, parents and other administrators respect someone when they are sitting across from a mess?

Mess = chaos. “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Everything is a reflection of the leader; the office needs to reflect perfection in every way, starting with the Foundation Trinity behind the desk on the wall!”

SC Response:
At ease Marine. You are right in recognizing the import of organization and appearance in improving your effectiveness as a leader. However, you are missing a couple of critical points.

Point One: As you move up in responsibility, it is very easy to get buried in paperwork, especially when you are making an effort to spend a significant amount of time out of the office and in the classrooms.

Point Two: There is a difference between important stuff and worthless trash. And the difference is ownership. My stuff is vital, yours less so. As such, the practice of regular spring cleaning is both important and made easier with external support and reminders.

Point Three: Becoming an effective leader is a journey. Everyone begins at a different place, but the goal is to get better everyday.

Point Four: The only unforgivable sin is not being coachable. Even Tiger Woods has people stand in his blind spot to help him improve. It just so happened that the nesting post covered that reader’s blind spot. Sometimes, the recognition of a blind spot is so exciting that you want to share it.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…