Here’s the list of books that I have finished in the past month and a brief review for each:

The Five Temptations of a CEO, by Patrick Lencioni
A good, quick read. Put it on your list.

The Dip, by Seth Godin
Skip this one unless you are a fan of the author (I am). Cotton candy reading.

George Washington: First in War, First in Peace, by James Crutchfield
Skip this one unless you are a huge George Washington fan (I am). There are better Washington biographies, such as “His Excellency”. I only learned one interesting fact – the British Navy flew their flags at half mast when Washington died.

Blogging for Dummies, by Susannah Garner and Shane Birley
Read only if you want to start a blog.

Here’s the list of books that I’m currently reading:

Small is the New Big, by Seth Godwin

Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell

Revolutionary Management, by Alan Axlerod
Good, but dry.

The Black Swan, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Interesting, but dry.

Send me your list.