In response to the “Great Advice – Gant Wisdom” post, a reader writes,

“Sean your grandfather told you right in your early years of development about the importance of leadership.

Sometimes, I have to always say to myself that my leadership skills are based on research, experiences, relationships, education, plain common sense, and solid coaching.

Tiger Woods. Michael Jordan. Hank Aaron. Johnny Unitas. What did they all have in common? The answer I’m looking for is not” they all play a sport.” The common denominator is that these great athletes all had coaches-mentors, to help them home their skills.

Having people to like me is great, but my goal is to help inspiring leader to excel and in the process of achieving this goal some inspiring leader my not like me.

Thanks Sean for being a great Coach and Mentor.

Think. Work. Achieve”

Reader, thank you for the kind words.


Uncle Mike’s Advice

Last week LYS trained over 400 campus leaders on the PowerWalks observation system. Every trainee was diligent, attentive and earnest.…