Bill would stop schools from paying union leaders
By Lisa Schencker, The Salt Lake Tribune
“In this time of budget cuts, Utah school districts should not spend money on local teacher union leaders, says one lawmaker…”

Really? This is standard practice? It seems that Utah school districts contribute to the salaries of teacher union leaders who no longer teach and do not work for the district. If I was a Utah taxpayer this would be the stick I would use to beat districts with every time the question of a tax increase came up.

Though I am not a proponent of unions, I am not opposed to them. But they exist to advocate for their members, and as such should be funded by members. Even more incredulously, a local union president defends the practice.

After reading the article, the wisdom of E. Don Brown once again rings true, “the only pure advocate in the system for students is the building principal. At even given time, everyone else in the system has a vested interest that can easily outweigh the needs of the kids.”

Your turn…