I saw a headline that stated that the bad economy should increase the interest in dual credit classes. This is in-line with an on-going discussion that I have been having with E. Don Brown (The R4 Group) and some Texas high school principals. As much as we like AP and IB courses, it is getting harder and harder not to encourage enrollment in dual credit courses. This is especially true if the student plans on attending a state university.

In Texas, where I live, public universities have to accept the credit hours. This means that students are entering college with up to 30 credit hours. In fact, I have a nephew that entered Texas Tech as a sophomore. That’s equates to about a $12,000.00 savings for his parents.

So if you were not a proponent of the program before, this might be the time to re-think your position. Couple the economic situation that families are facing with the stimulus money that will be coming to campuses that can support distance learning and this becomes a chance to offer something life changing to your students.

Your turn…