This past Monday was our fifth episode of The Reboot Mini-Series. Again, educators from across the country joined us live. This time to discuss proactive SEL practices. The feedback from each of these episode episodes has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Here is a sampling of what participants shared about Episode 5…


100% of respondents found the session to be useful and informative.


100% of respondents plan to participate in future episodes.


For the fifth time in a row there were ZERO negative entries in the open response section of the post-episode survey. Here are just a few of the positive entries.


…I love the idea of challenging the “business as usual” approach. There is nothing “usual” about this. Thank you.


…the presenters know what they are talking about!”


…I love the realness of it. Thank you.


…I appreciate the honesty and relevance.


…Specific strategies ready to apply to what we’re currently dealing with.


Finally, the selection for the topic of Episode 6 is…


Proactive Warm-up Practices!


We would like to thank our sponsors, ED311, Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (TASSP), and Lead Your School (LYS). Due to their support, The Reboot Mini-Series is free, but you do have to register at Registration is for Episode 4 is now open.


The dates and times for the remaining episodes are as follows:


Episode 6: March 8, 2021 at 3:30pm (CST) – Proactive Warm-up Practices


Episode 7: ?????????


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