Lead Your School represents a cadre of educators from across the country that are driven to maximize student opportunities and to lead the profession by example and action. @LYSNation is one way to share information, ideas, and reflections with those incredible teachers and school leaders. These are the Top 10 tweets shared in the past week.


  1. Right now, if you catch a cold, flu, strep, etc., that is your real life warning that your, and those around you, Covid-19 prevention practices are lacking. Consider yourself lucky and adjust accordingly. (By @LYSNation)


  1. When you are out and you see someone without a mask, instead of getting angry or glaring at the person in silent judgment, say in a friendly manner, “I think you forgot your mask.” It works. (By @LYSNation)


  1. Complexity = confusion. Confusion = uncertainty. Uncertainty = anxiety. Anxiety = no action. (By @Leadershipfreak)


  1. Educate the masses – it’s the only way to preserve our liberty! Public Education fulfills this dream better than any other system. (By @pastors4OKkids)


  1. “Media literacy is not just important, it’s absolutely critical. It’s going to make the difference between whether kids are a tool of the mass media or whether the mass media is a tool for the kids to use.” -Linda Ellerbee (By @mrbadura)


  1. Failing a student who had no zeros and no absences with a 69% during a pandemic tells me all I need to know about you as a teacher. (By @CoachOzee)


  1. You know what restricts liberty? The virus that causes Covid-19 and governments that fail to control it. (By @DrTomFrieden)


  1. Apologize and adapt when you get it wrong. “I screwed up,” strengthens relationships and builds confidence. (By @Leadershipfreak)


  1. Failure is ok. It’s ok to make mistakes. It’s how you learn from those mistakes and bounce back. (By @tgrierhisd)


  1. All distracted leaders are ineffective. (By @Leadershipfreak)


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