Right now mask wearing is our best tool for returning to something that resembles normal.


A Covid-19 vaccine will not be available in 2020.


If a Covid-19 vaccine is approved in 2021, wide-spread vaccination will take a while, (Snarky aside – our elected leaders can’t get Covid-19 testing and voting processes figured out, so what objective evidence do we have that the vaccination process will be timely, efficient, and effective.)


Treatments for Covid-19 are improving but are still experimental, so why risk it.


So put on your mask, wear it appropriately, and wear it all the time. At work, at the store, and when you are with anyone you do not live with.


And here is the “Teacher and Friend” part…


When you are out and you see someone without a mask, instead of getting angry or glaring at the person in silent judgment, say in a friendly manner, “I think you forgot your mask.”


I live in a bright RED area of Texas. The home of big trucks, boots, guns, and Trump signs (and that is just the retired Kindergarten teachers). At the hardware store, the post office and the HEB (look it up) this is what I’ve started  doing… “I think you forgot your mask, I’m having a hard time remembering it also.”


I’ve now done this about 50 times now. 49 times the response has been positive. Only one guy said, “No I didn’t.”


That’s one jerk and 49 of my fellow citizens who appreciated a little friendly support in these stressful time.


I like the odds.


Lead Your School and Wash Your Hands!

Your turn…

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