There are those that don’t understand the power of reflective observation.  They mistakenly believe that there is nothing to learn after a few cursory visits to a classroom.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, the most important key to building insight and deeper understanding about teaching and learning is to engage in a steady volume of daily classroom observation.  What we have learned over the past ten years is that after about every 300 classroom observations, the observer will notice, discern, and/or learn something new… something that was previously hidden. It is the “Eureka” moment, and there is nothing else like it in instructional leadership.


In this pursuit, there is the PowerWalks Legendary Leadership Badge that is earned every 300th PowerWalks Observation. The following 38 instructional leaders have already earned the Legendary Leadership Badge for the 2019/2020 school year (as of 10/31/19).


Two Legendary Leadership Badges (2)

Clint Shuman (PISD): October; September


Jesse Sepulveda (SISD): September; August



One Legendary Leadership Badge (36)

Genia Antoine (PISD): October

Shawn Bradford (DISD): October

Cindy Craigie (PISD): October

Julie Cummings (JCPS): October

Curtis Daugherty (LPISD): October

Nancy Delosa (GPISD): October

Sandra Dilworth (CFISD): October

Jina Eksaengsri (SISD): October

Jennifer Engels (LPISD): October

Robert Gaskins (JCSP): October

Nekeba George (LPISD): October

Desi Gonzales (SISD): October

Christopher Gregory (PISD): October

Andrew Halatyn (SISD): October

Kendra Herrera (KISD): October

James Kisner (KISD): October

Daniel Lopez (DISD): October

Ronald Marshall (JCPS): October

James McBride (DISD): October

Bill Miller (JCPS): October

Kenya Natsis (JCPS): October

John O’Hare (PISD): October

Josh Tovar (SISD): October


Ashley Adcox-Garner (SISD): September

Esteban Alvarez (SISD): September

Earnest Brooks (GPISD): September

Rosa Maria Chavez-Avedician (SISD): September

Ignacio Estorga (SISD): September

Al Garcia (SISD): September

Juan Gonzalez (SISD): September

Michael Grebb (PISD): September

Kade Griffin (LPISD): September

Alejandro Olvera (SISD): September

Jared Stevenson (PISD): September


Monica Castro (SISD): August

Randi Shreve (SISD): August


Think. Work. Achieve.

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