The following is a note sent by a teacher to one of the presenting schools at the 2019 Fundamental 5 National Summit.


Dear JT,


It was a pleasure to have attended your team’s presentation at the Fundamental 5 National Summit.  We had four people from our junior high campus in your session. I can honestly say our eyes were opened to everything that is not happening on our campus. This past year our campus rating was disappointing to say the least.


However, we are determined to change that. Your passion is obvious, and I would like to somehow take a seed from you to plant in our school.


We were so moved by you and your team that upon leaving we immediately contacted our principal and have a meeting scheduled for Thursday afternoon to discuss your presentation. Based on the plan you shared we will soon begin to make the necessary adjustments to begin our journey of improvement. 


Again, thank you for opening our eyes.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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