Excuse me while I scream into a pillow for a minute… Thank you.


I just had a conversation with a school leader who said, “But what I really need is a quick way to improve schools.”


There is only one way to quickly improve a school. Separate the students with superior wealth, connections, motivation and/or talent from the masses.


If that sounds like segregation, that’s because it is.


Segregation is the covert (and sometimes overt) performance secret of private schools, most magnet schools, many charter schools and public schools that serve affluent neighborhoods.


Now, if your school doesn’t primarily serve the wealthy, connected, motivated and talented students, then there is no “quick fix.” Instead you have to have to discipline to embrace and implement the Iron Rule of School Success.




That’s it. Work every day to incrementally improve the practice of every adult in the building. If that is occurring, improved student performance will follow.  It will be measurable, but it won’t be quick.


That may sound like bad news. So here is the good news…


Most schools and school districts have neither the will nor discipline to embrace a process to improve adult practice at scale. Which means that if you do, you don’t have a lot of competition.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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