The school year starts.  The campus has a mapped scope and sequence that is aligned to state accountability requirements. If the mapped scope and sequence is followed with rigorous fidelity, state accountability standards will be met or exceeded.


Then the real world happens.  There are weather days; teachers are absent; students don’t pick up a concept in the allotted time; there are extra pep rallies because the football team make a run deep into the playoffs; etc.


In each case, the Principal allows instructional pacing to slow down, just a little bit. This is logical and reasonable. Small pain and stress are averted.


The school year ends.  The campus does not adequately cover all the content required by the State and this is reflected in the State test scores. This is logical and understandable.


But the State doesn’t care. Because the State is neither logical nor reasonable. Now there is great pain and stress.


My point. Stay the course, stay the course, stay the course.


Sacrifice short-term comfort for end of the game success. This is better for you, teachers and students.  And when you doubt yourself, as we all do, remember… The State Does Not Care.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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