I was recently talking to a good, young Principal whose campus is beginning to separate itself from its peers. This is a Title I campus that is now outperforming a number of non-Title I campuses in the area. The campus is buzzing and there is a new feeling of HOPE spreading throughout the staff and students.


The Principal’s biggest concern? Pushing his staff too hard and burning them out. I shared with him the hard lesson that too many of us (veteran leaders) have experienced.


Standing in a hallway during a passing period , I told him…


“Look at your staff.  They are moving with urgency. Not out of fear. Out of purpose. They trust you. They want to be here. They love these students. They like the feeling of success and they want more of it.  This staff has the opportunity to do something great. If you don’t push them, they won’t get to experience that.”


“But if I push them too hard and they leave, everything we’re working towards will stop.”


“Don’t worry about people leaving. Teachers that want to be successful in tough settings seek the campuses that let them do just that. Those teachers don’t burn out. This is happening here. Keep your teachers enthused and excited. Don’t be the brake. Be the accelerator.”


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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