There are those that don’t understand the power of reflective observation.  They mistakenly believe that there is nothing to learn after a few cursory visits to a classroom.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, the most important key to building insight and deeper understanding about teaching and learning is to engage in a steady volume of daily classroom observation. What we have learned over the past ten years is that after about every 300 classroom observations, the observer will notice, discern, and/or learn something new… something that was previously hidden. It is the “Eureka” moment, and there is nothing else like it in instructional leadership.


In this pursuit, there is the PowerWalks Legendary Leadership Badge that is earned every 300th PowerWalks Observation. The following 517 instructional leaders have already earned the Legendary Leadership Badge for the 2018/2019 school year (as of 3/31/2019).


Eight Legendary Leadership Badges (1 Person)

Eric Cormier (BISD): March; February; January; December; November; October; October; September



Four Legendary Leadership Badges (6 People)

Kettisha Jones (PISD): March; January; December; November

Laura Miller (KISD): March; January; October

Marivel Sedillo (PISD): March; January; December; November

Nassrin Spencer (CISD): March; January; November; October


Julien Guillory (GPISD): February; November; October; September

James Kisner (KISD): February; December; November; October



Three Legendary Leadership Badges (15 People)

Matt Ammerman(BISD): March; December; October

Linda Hudson (JCPS): March; January; October

Pearl Perez (CISD): March: November; October

Mark Rodriguez (CISD): March; January; October


Crystal Acosta (KISD): February, December; October

Julie Cummings (JCSP): February; December; October

Sonia Gonzales (KISD): February; December; October

Angela Kupcho (CISD): February; December; October

Mason Kyle (KISD): February; November; October

Daniel Lopez (DISD): February; November; October

Ronald Marshall (JCPS): February; January; December

John O’Hare (PISD): February; December; October

Daniel Sharp (KISD): February; January; October


Janie Snyder (CISD): January; November; September

Kade Griffin (LPISD): November; October; September



Two Legendary Leadership Badges (76 People)

Helen Adeniken (PISD): March; December

Genia Antoine (PISD): March; November

Georgie Arenaz (PISD): March; December

Pete Armstrong (CISD): March; November

Sarah Boyle (PISD): March; December

Virginia Caudle (PISD): March; December

Tammy Cheshire (DISD): March; November

Allison Cissell (JCPS) March; December

John Clements (DISD): March; December

Shele Coburn (CISD): March; November

Lori Davis (LISD): March; December

Satoya Dodd (DISD): March; December

Luz Eblen (GPISD): March; November

Terri Floyd (PISD): March; January

Cynthia Galaviz (GPISD): March; November

Esther Garcia (CISD): March; November

Alison Gastin (CISD): March; December

Karen Ivy (CISD): March; November

Mark Kettering (DISD): March; November

John Killough (GPISD) March; December

Mary Lariviere (CISD): March; November

Bethanie Logan (SISD): March; November

Nikki Miller (DISD): March; December

Jason Neuss (JCPS): March; November

Gerardo Ortiz (PISD): March; January

Shanna Powers (DISD): March; December

Don Reid (JCPS): March; November

Colby Self (PISD): March; December

Kate Shaum (PISD): March; December

Mary Beth Smith (JCPS): March; November

Rebecca Smith (CISD): March; November

Cheryl Sterrett (CISD): March; November

Conni Strange (JCPS): March; November

Vicki Thomas (DISD): March; November

Andre Underwood (PISD): March; December

Kimberly Wells (GPISD): March: December

Nancy Young (PISD): March; December


Shameel Ali (GPISD): February; November

Jennifer Anderson (CISD): February; November

Krystle Breden (GPISD): February; November

Earnest Brooks (LPISD): February; October

Kenneth Bryant (GPISD): February; November

Sean Cain (LYS): February; October

Christy Chandler (PISD): February; November

Cindy Craigie (PISD): February; December

Brian Dawson (PISD): February; November

Michael Grebb (PISD): February; November

Jamaal Hunnicutt (GISC): February; October

Dennis Jamison (CISD): February; October

Mike Laird (LYS): February; September

Sarah Lanahan (PISD): February; October

Michael McNeil (GPISD): February; November

Yashundra Meriwether (PISD): February; December

Diana Moore (DISD): February; November

Pattie Myers (CISD): February; November

Tammy Rebecek (PISD): February; November

Kimberly Roark (PISD): February; December

Tonkeyta Rodgers (JCPS): February; November

June Shackelford (JCPS): February; November

Heather Seibert (GPISD): February; October

Jared Stevenson (PISD): February; November

Josh Tovar (SISD): February; November

Adrian Tristan (PISD): February; November

Valerie Walker (PISD): February; December

Sara Watson (PISD): February; November


Nancy Delosa (GPISD): January; October

Christopher Gregory (PISD): January; November

Shon Joseph (DISD): January; November

Patty Ward (MISD): January; October

Alyson Wilkins (CISD): January; October


Timeka Davis (CISD): December; October

Javian Johnson (CISD): December; October

Erica McClure (JCPS): December; October

Marivel Sedillo (PISD): December; November


Daniel Hutchins (FISD): November; October

Chris Price (CISD): November; November



One Legendary Leadership Badge (419 People)

Delena Alexander (JCPS): March

Amy Boldin (JCPS): March

Gina Brown (PISD): March

Paula Burdon (JCPS): March

Sara Butler (PISD): March

Claudia Caraveo (SISD): March

Sam Casper (JCPS): March

Chris Castillo (GPISD): March

Elisa Clark (PISD): March

Brandy Corbin (JCPS): March

Angie Crew (GPISD): March

Maria Cuellar (PISD): March

Jennie Currin (JCPS): March

Emily Delgado (PISD): March

Patricia Dermody (JCPS): March

Kristy Dietrich (CISD): March

Nureka Dixon (JCPS): March

Jarrad Durham (JCPS): March

Jillian Edwards (PISD): March

Rebecca Embry (PISD): March

Jennifer Esparza (SISD): March

Cortney Esquitin (PISD): March

Tracy Fussnecker (JCPS): March

Paula Gamble (PISD): March

Stacie Gamble (JCPS): March

Brian Gandy (CCISD): March

Nekeba George (LPISD): March

Kate Grindon (JCPS): March

Valerie Hairston (SISD): March

Brenda Hankins (JCPS): March

Brandon Harris (BISD): March

LaWanda Hazard (JCPS): March

Sarah Hodges (JCPS): March

Ameka Hunt (PISD) March

Sonya Jackson (PISD): March

Angela Johnson (JCPS): March

Wiley Johnson (GPISD): March

Laura Juarez (SISD): March

Lisa Kammerer (PISD): March

Diana Lee (GPISD): March

Jeannie Lett (JCPS): March

Rose Marques (PISD): March

Sandra McQuade (BISD): March

Dan Mehegan (TVSD): March

Brian Mihalyo (PISD): March

Carey Miller (JCPS): March

Marlon Miller (JCPS): March

Vandi Nall (CISD): March

Kristina Perez (PISD): March

Lauren Posey (CISD): March

Marisa Ramos (PISD): March

Betsy Reuther (JCPS): March

Nicholas Scholle (JCPS): March

Shannon Smith (JCPS): March

Scott Snyder (SSISD): March

Brian Taylor (JCPS): March

Ruth Taylor (SISD): March

Vincent Thomas (SISD): March

Dawn Tomlinson (JCPS): March

Tricia Tsang (CFISD): March

Rebecca Vickerstaff (JCPS): March

Terri Walding (GPISD): March

Jennifer Watson (JCPS): March

Deana White (SISD): March

Angela Wood (CISD): March

Anitra Woodford (JCPS): March

Ruth Yamaguchi (PISD): March

Letisha Young (JCPS): March

Alaide Zavala (GPISD): March


Christine Acosta (TISD): February

Matthew Altman (LISD): February

Stephanie Argueta (GPISD): February

Carrie Austin (CFISD): February

Mario Ballou-Bates (PISD): February

Suzanne Barnett (JCPS): February

Lisa Basile (LPISD): February

Brooke Bradford (PISD): February

Steven Brock (PISD): February

Laura Brown (PISD): February

Melissa Callaway (JCPS): February

Pricilla Cardiel (PISD): February

Daryl Cardosa (PISD): February

Luciano Castro (LISD): February

Megan Caswell (JCPS): February

Nick Chlon (JCPS): February

Kimberly Clark (SISD): February

Tammy Clark (GISD): February

Pam Cooper (JCPS): February

Sara Dardeau (PISD): February

Brian Davis (JCPS): February

Timeka Davis (CISD): February

SueAnn Decuir (PISD): February

Patrick Deleon (PISD): February

Jennifer Engels (LPISD): February

Patricia Estep (LISD): February

Aaron Field (GPISD): February

Stephen Fernandez (SISD): February

Anthony Festi (PISD): February

Jorge Franco (PISD): February

Tammie Franklin (PISD): February

Whitney Frye (JCPS): February

Terence Gahan (LISD): February

Kevin Garner (JCPS): February

Jeffrey Gossett (JCPS): February

Joseph Green (CISD): February

Laura Hall (JCPS): February

Danielle Harney (GPISD): February

Wendy Harris (CFISD): February

Leasa Hedrick (PISD): February

Patricia Hinojosa (PISD): February

Shelley Holland (GPISD): February

Jillian Howard (GPISD): February

Nakita Howard (PISD): February

Cedric Ivie (DISD): February

Travette Jones (PISD): February

Zachari Jones (GPISD): February

Crystal Keck (PISD): February

Sommer Kidwell (JCPS): February

Susannah Kilbourne (JCPS): February

Rebecca Kreye (SISD): February

Jillian Lampley (PISD): February

Stephanie Lattorre (PISD): February

Donna LeJeune (PISD): February

Jeremy LeJeune (PISD): February

Erica Lewis (PISD): February

David Lovinggood (GPISD): February

Derek Maresh (NISD): February

Rebecca Markja (JCPS): February

Kimberly McKnight (MISD): February

Bill Miller (JCPS): February

Katarina Molina (PISD): February

Alison Moore (JCPS): February

Christina Moore (GPISD): February

Irene Morales (PISD): February

Lauren Morgan (JCPS): February

Ryan Morris (PISD): February

Alan Moye (GPISD): February

Yvonne Munoz (SDISD): February

Karen Nixon (LISD): February

Lisa Noe (SISD): February

Alejandro Olvera (SISD): February

Shelley Paquette-Gomez (GPISD): February

Carolyn Parker (PISD): February

Javier Perez (CCISD): February

Lucia Perez (GPISD): February

Tom Peterson (JCPS): February

Andrew Pohlman (JCPS): February

Emily Pratt (JCPS): February

Jacquelyn Rahmel (JCPS): February

Lee Ramirez (GPISD): February

Celines Rivera (GPISD): February

Conrad Rivera (GPISD): February

Jamie Rocha (GPISD): February

Megan Rock (JCPS): February

Josh Rombs (TISD): February

Rose Rolater (PISD): February

Dawn Roy (JCPS): February

Lizbeth Ruiz (PISD): February

Eboni Santos (GPISD): February

Scott Schneider (JCPS): February

Sean Schobinger (PISD): February

Anthony Seig (JCPS): February

Christi Siegel (PISD): February

Jude Sisk (CFISD): February

Laura Sledge (PISD): February

Allie Spear (CFISD): February

Karen Stearman (JCPS): February

Christopher Stelly (PISD): February

Kasie Stemie (JCPS): February

Tracy Stephens (PISD): February

Joseph Vega (PISD): February

Ramon Wales (JCPS): February

Reese Weirich (PISD): February

Carol Williams (LPISD): February

Jamie Wyman (JCPS): February


Theresa Adkins (JCPS): January

Rana Allbritton (PISD): January

Emily Allen (JCPS): January

Patsy Alvarado (TISD): January

Melissa Arneaud (GPISD): January

Thomas Atchley (GPISD): January

Jo Ellen Belcher (LISD): January

Vernon Berckmoes (TISD): January

Monta Bonham (CFISD): January

Bryan Brooks (CISD): January

Kimberly Bradford (DISD): January

Lowell Brown (GPISD): January

Shundra Brown (DISD): January

Mian Bryant (GPISD): January

Paige Burt (GPISD): January

Angie Camacho (JCPS): January

Candace Campbell (GPISD): January

Brandi Carney (JCPS): January

Leeann Chew (CFISD): January

Ashlei Clowers (DISD): January

Mark Colvin (LISD): January

Rebecca Conrad (SISD): January

Sarah Crawford (CISD): January

Maria Cuellar (PISD): January

Tammye Crosskno (CFISD): January

Matthew Day (GPISD): January

Lizette De Luna (PISD): January

Johanna Dorris (PISD): January

Beth Due (DISD): January

Jeremy Effinger (CFISD): January

Brian Ernest (PISD): January

German Espinoza (GPISD): January

Argie Flores (PISD): January

Beth Fuller (JCPS): January

Jesse Galdean (FISD): January

Antonio Garcia (GPISD): January

Chandler Garcia (PISD): January

Cynthia Garcia (CFISD): January

Leslivett Garcia (CISD): January

Courtney Grace (JCPS): January

Vanessa Green (JCPS): January

Jamee Griebel (LISD): January

Stephanie Hakemack (CFISD): January

Christal Hammond (CFISD): January

Victor Hernandez, Jr. (LISD): January

Jamie Hoard (GPISD): January

Yolando Hoard (PISD): January

Analeasa Holmes (LISD): January

Katharina Humphrey (JCPS): January

James Husband (GPISD): January

Kisha Jackson-Thompson (PISD): January

Jarrett Johnson (GPISD): January

Katricia Johnson (GPISD): January

Chris Johnstone (JCPS): January

Deanna Juarez (LISD): January

Brandee Kaelin (JCPS): January

Brian Keil (GPISD): January

Lara Kelley (DISD): January

Tracey Kirchman (GPISD): January

Craig Klingenfus (JCPS): January

Emily Koppel (JCPS): January

Barbara Land (GPISD): January

Sarah L’Esperance (CISD): January

Vicki Lete (JCPS): January

Amanda Lisso (DISD): January

Rebecca Leonard (LISD): January

Rachel Lockwood (GISCS): January

Tom Ludwig (JCPS): January

Jeoffrey Lynch (JCPS): January

Michell Marrillia (JCPS): January

Gena McClatchy (CISD): January

Angle Medrano (GPISD): January

Diego Merino (GPISD): January

Julia Meyer (PISD): January

Jenae Mia (NEISD): January

Adam Miller (LISD): January

Barry Miller (PISD): January

Michael Moak (PISD): January

Vivian Morgan (PISD): January

Hannah Moss (JCPS): January

Richa Muhammad (PISD): January

Monica Neira (GPISD): January

Ben O’Connor (PISD): January

Anita Overall (JCPS): January

Becky Overberg (JCPS): January

Shannon Pourmanafzadeh (PISD): January

Carrie Quinney (PISD): January

Melissa Rabano (CCISD): January

Juan Ramirez (GPISD): January

Mario Ramos (PISD): January

Amber Reed (DISD): January

Michael Roadhouse (JCPS): January

Dayne Robins (GPISD): January

Tana Ruckel (PISD): January

Sean Russell (JCPS): January

Monica Saldivar (LISD): January

Joan Schlaht (LISD): January

Chesta Schneider (DISD): January

Rebecca Schneider (PISD): January

Michelle Seadler (JCPS): January

Mindy Sides (DISD): January

Dana Sidle (LISD): January

Latoya Simmons (CISD): January

Brian Smith (JCPS): January

Christie Smith (PISD): January

Stephanie Smith (JCPS): January

Steven Stark (JCPS): January

Aracely Suarez (PISD): January

Emily Swain (PISD): January

Felicia Thomas (CFISD): January

Rose Tran (ACISD): January

Ginger Trevino (PISD): January

Belinda Vasquez (LISD): January

Eleana Vasquez (GPISD): January

Grisel Wallace (LPISD): January

Lisa Weaver (DISD): January

Jai Wilson (JCPS): January

Lauren Zakem (JCPS): January


Allison Alpha (CISD): December

Gloria Anderson (CFISD): December

Antonio Avalos (GPISD): December

Wendy Bebefield (CISD): December

Irene Benzor (GPISD): December

Tara Blummer (JCPS): December

Robin Bolt (JCPS): December

Ruby Bonilla (GPISD): December

Jana Bowser (GPISD): December

Norma Briseno (DISD): December

Sylonda Burns (DISD): December

Anna Byrd (JCPS): December

Stephen Cabaniss (CFISD): December

Dalia Cantu (GPISD): December

Michelle Casas (CISD): December

Chris Castilo (GPISD): December

Christopher Collins (JCPS): December

DeDe Conaway (BISD): December

Angelica Cuellar (GPISD): December

Kerri Dixon (JCPS): December

Diane Duncan (SISD): December

Traci Durbin (JCPS): December

Loraine Dyess (GPISD): December

John Mark Edwards (PISD): December

Andre Emmons (DISD): December

Erik Esparza (GPISD): December

Alicia Ferguson (PISD): December

Rebecca Gardea (GPISD): December

Jean Garza (GPISD): December

Bart Graves (GPISD): December

Amanda Gustafson (PISD): December

James Hair (GPISD): December

Lisa Harris (PISD): December

Mark Hendry (DISD): December

Debbie Hensarling (GPISD): December

Stephen Howard (JCPS): December

Katie Howertonlandry (PISD): December

Ragan Jameson (CFISD): December

Jeremy Jenkins (JCPS): December

Janie Jimenez (GPISD): December

Chris Johnson (GPISD): December

Timothy Johnson (CISD): December

Margo Kelley (GPISD): December

Lynn Knisley (CFISD): December

Kresha Lane (GPISD): December

Karen Lawley (LPISD): December

Rebecca Limones (SISD): December

Talisha Machuca (GPISD): December

Kimberly Martin (GPISD): December

T’Andrea Mayes (JCPS): December

Blake Maxwell (MISD): December

Bryan McDaniel (CFISD): December

Gaye Minchew (GPISD): December

Lemond Mitchell (GPISD): December

Maxann Newby (JCPS): December

Rebecca Nicolas (JCPS): December

Barika Noris (GPISD): December

Stephanie Nutter (JCPS): December

Shiela Parker (LISD): December

Jordan Paskitti (JCPS): December

Johnny Paz (GPISD): December

Brett Perry (JCPS): December

Davis Pierson (GPISD): December

Lisa Ramke (CISD): December

Sheila Reed (PISD): December

Deborah Rivera (JCPS): December

Jessica Rodriguez (GPISD): December

Marisol Rodriguez (CISD): December

Rachel Roepke (PISD): December

Mandi Salaiz (DISD): December

Sandra Salge (GPISD): December

Jaremy Sanders (GPISD): December

Dina Schaefer (PISD): December

Marc Schwarz (PISD): December

Brenda Shortnacy (PISD): December

Valerie Sosa (PISD): December

De’Nay Speaks (JCPS): December

Robert Stell (PISD): December

Sima Tanner (GPISD): December

Pam Thomas (MISD): December

Yeri Villalobos (GPISD): December

Laurie Waligura (CFISD): December

Jack Wheatley (JCPS): December

Dustin Whitis (JCPS): December

Angela Wood (CISD): December

Jamie Youngblood (CISD): December


Mary Alejandro (GPISD): November

Steve Alley (GPISD): November

Araceli Altamirano (GISC): November

Darren Atkinson (JCPS): November

Tanisha Baker (GPISD): November

David Bobb (JCPS): November

Shannon Clancy (CISD): November

Sabrina Cordova (CISD): November

Kim Coslow (JCPS): November

Angie Crew (GPISD): November

Geraldo Cruz (GPISD): November

Grace Devost (GPISD): November

Malinda Dutkowski (JCPS): November

Chris Eckford (GPISD): November

Lisa Ellison (JCPS): November

Robb Fulk (JCPS): November

Anna Gonzalez (GPISD): November

Juan Gonzalez (SISD): November

Amanda Gordon (CISD): November

Darlene Havard (DISD): November

Katrina Johnson (GPISD): November

Greg Kuhn (JCPS): November

James McBride (DISD): November

Sandra McQuade (BISD): November

Kelli McWashington (DISD): November

Michelle Merricks (CFISD): November

Kenya Natsis (JCPS): November

Eli Ramke (CISD): November

Ashley Sherrard (GPISD): November

Lakendra Simon (DISD): November

Keith Skiles (GPISD): November

Jarred Smith (DISD): November

Nathan Steenport (PISD): November

Tara Thompson (GPISD): November


Ashlee Boothe (CISD): October

Tera Marburgh (GPISD): October

Katie Perkins (GPISD): October

Robert Reedy (JCPS): October

Alyson Wilkins (CISD): October


Robert Armenta (GUSD): August


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