Here’s something to think about as you are building the district calendar for next year.

One reason why anti-public school politicians are able to erode public confidence in our public schools is because most of our citizenry have no meaningful interactions with public schools. If you have no kids or grown kids then public schools are just one more taxing entity. 

Public school leaders, this is partially our fault, due to one seemingly logical decision… We quit letting the community use our schools as polling sites. Once we were no longer polling sites, all those senior citizen volunteers who run the polls, quit coming. All the voters quit coming. Which means those civic minded voters no longer see our buildings, equipment and work. 

We can change this and also go proactive. Make Election Days (primary and general) teacher / parent meeting days (and a student holiday). Have the schools set up to look their best. Let teachers meet with parents throughout the day and when they are not meeting with parents, take voters on tours of the school. 

Have the school band and choir perform concerts of patriotic standards throughout the day.   

Have school leaders run a coffee and donut bar (showing off the school’s culinary program) while chatting with the community members who care enough to vote.

In short, carve out time on next year’s calendar to purposefully engage with those we are supposed to be serving, whose opinion of us (good or bad) directly impacts our ability to do our job, and who actually pay our checks.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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