Here’s a friendly warning / piece of advice for Principals. I’m on campuses across the country, multiple times a week. Every campus is a “Something” campus. PBIS, Avid, Balanced Literacy, High Reliability, Common Core, TRS, etc. etc. It’s their program. The campus has spent significant time, money, and energy on training so the staff can implement the selected “Something.”

There will be banners in the halls and posters in the classrooms, all focused on the “Something.” Except, there is one glaring problem. No adults are actually observed doing the “Something.” Instead what you see is the same old, ineffective practices, renamed with the “Something” program labels. Then when performance doesn’t change, the “Something” program gets blamed.

It’s not the program, it’s the implementation, or lack thereof. Implementation, at scale, doesn’t occur because time, energy and resources were allocated and spent. Implementation, at scale, occurs thru on-going, embedded training; monitoring; problem solving; support; and most importantly leadership focus and doggedness.  

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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