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  1. The crisis in Texas public school funding is not an accident. It is by design and the politicians in office, right now, did it and/or support the results. (By @LYSNation)


  1. The politics of fear now ruling Texas has one central message: Be afraid. Afraid of immigrants, the undocumented, the other. Fear your neighbor. But we hear a deeper call, from a Higher Office: “Do not be afraid.” (By @pastors4txkids)


  1. Starving public schools of necessary funds is a strategic plan to expand privatization, vouchers and charters nationwide. Vote and support our public schools. (By @DeborahCano1)


  1. Private school vouchers were #1 Texas Legislature priority for Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, in the 2017 session. When the House didn’t approve them, he refused funding for our Texas Public Schools and students. Now he’s pro-public education??? Bearing false witness is an art form in election season but this false claim wins top prize. (By @pastors4txkids)


  1. If you care about public education, you must VOTE! My opponent (Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick) is hostile to our Texas public schools and we need to stop him. Early voting has already begun. (By @CollierForTexas)


  1. “I’m just not political,” said a teacher whose salary, work conditions, curriculum, leisure time, and retirement are all decided by politicians. Well, get political or you will wish you had when your retirement is gone. (By @MrsLAinsworth)


  1. Go vote! Do not let ANYTHING get in the way or intimidate you out of you taking advantage of your right to vote! Our schools, children, communities, and level of public discourse depend on it. (By @EffectualEdu)


  1. We are citizens—not “taxpayers.” We make community investments— not “pay taxes.” Roads, water, schools are for us— not “them.” We support a public trust— not “government.” Language is everything. Especially in an election. (By @pastors4txkids)


  1. The only poll that matters is the vote total. So please vote and get others to vote. It’s your way of telling the world, “I am making history.” How often do you get the chance to say that? (By @DanRather)


  1. Anybody running for a statewide office or the state legislature, who is telling you they are going to reduce your property taxes without addressing school finance, is not being honest with you. We call that a sound bite not a plan. Do not be fooled by the rhetoric. (By @CraigMMorgan)


  1. Exercise your right to vote…it’s important. I voted to support public education. Your vote matters. (By @cheadhorn)


  1. Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, cut school funding by $660 million. He said “No!” to increased funding proposed by his own party. He said “No!” to funding TRA-Care, causing a financial crisis for thousands of retired teachers. He fought tooth and nail for vouchers. (By @CollierForTexas)


  1. I notice that Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, has tweeted at least 5 times in the past 3 days urging straight ticket GOP votes. Seems like he is scared about how many lifelong Republicans are tired of his nonsense and going to vote for the rational alternative, Mike Collier. (By @treylwilkerson)


  1. Lacking substance and clearly lacking style as well, Texas public schools quite literally cannot afford for Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, to be re-elected. Please ask your friends and neighbors to vote for Mike Collier for Texas Lt. Governor. (By @JJVandal)


  1. Received a mailer from Texas State Representative, Craig Goldman, about borders, ICE, MS-13 gangs, immigration, etc. Fearmongering 101. What about funding Texas public schools which is your actual, constitutional responsibility? Texans don’t run scared. We run on hope, possibility, vision, generosity. (By @pastors4txkids)


  1. Beware of Lies, Damn Lies and Anti-Public School Political BS (By @LYSNation)


  1. On the eve of the vote to expand Arizona school voucher program, audit finds fraud aplenty. “Parents spent $700K in school voucher money on beauty supplies, apparel; attempted cash withdrawals.” (By @BisforBerkshire)


  1. Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, just sent out a desperate appeal to folks to vote straight ticket and save his political hide. He also keeps lying through his teeth about me claiming that I am for open borders, more regulations, and higher taxes. Lying won’t help him win. (By @CollierForTexas)


  1. REMINDER: Change your clocks tonight. Change your Lt Governor on Tuesday. (By @CollierForTexas)


  1. “I cannot in good conscious support the re-election of Republicans Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, my state representative, Matt Rinaldi, or my state senator, Don Huffines. All of these men are endorsed, funded and controlled by Empower Texans.” —Tracy Fisher (By @smidler)


  1. We know that Ted Cruz, could be a leader in calming fears about asylum seekers that pose no security threat. Instead, Cruz panders to our worst instincts. Ted Cruz’s excuse is his desperation for political power. We’ve come to expect that from Ted Cruz. (By @LYSNation)


  1. Here’s my question to all the Republicans that do everything in their power to make it harder to vote: What are you scared of? Democracy? The will of the people? It’s just flat out disgraceful. (By @CollierForTexas)


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