Note to the Reader: I write this as a product and supporter of school athletic programs.


Yesterday, we discussed, “The SUPPLEMENTAL School Athletic Program.” As every coach will point out, “…School athletics is about more than wins and losses. A good school athletic program is about building students of character…”


I agree.


Because I agree, I offer the following metric for evaluating the Campus Athletic Director / Athletic Coordinator / Head Coach (essentially, the Coach who is the peer of the Principal on the campus).


Athlete Attendance Rate

Athlete attendance should be higher than the attendance rate of the overall student body.


Athlete Behavior    

Athlete disciple infractions should be lower that the student body, both overall and for all major categories that are tracked by the campus.


Athlete GPA

The athlete goal should be indexed to the overall student body.


Athletic Scholarships Earned

There should be goals for overall dollar amounts, number of full scholarships and number of partial scholarships awarded to athletes.


Post-secondary Enrollment

The athlete goal should be indexed to the overall student body.

Win / Loses

I would argue that if the Athletic Program is producing great numbers in Items 1-5, win and loses are not a critical variable. I would also argue that is the results of Item 1-5 are consistently underwhelming… Wins really don’t matter.


A final note, for those who have read these past two posts and feel that I am being unreasonable, you are probably correct. My unreasonable expectation is that every campus coaching staff should be at least as good as the staff that coached me when I was a student/athlete.  Thank you, Coach Kemp, Coach Tidwell, Coach Roberts, Coach Broussard, Coach Vera, Coach Delgado and Coach Wallace for setting the bar impossibly high for all other coaches.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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