You realize that punishment doesn’t work.  You have committed to using the Apology Strategy, discussed yesterday.  But that didn’t magically solve every student discipline issue. Some of your students require more one-on-one time with you.  So, give it to them. Create a “Student Greeter” program.


As a decent school administrator, you have a morning intake / supervision location that you man. This is where you greet students and parents and monitor the area. Obviously, for such an important job you need a student assistant.


If the Apology Strategy is not working (or the offense was more serious) assign the student to arrive early and greet students and parents with you. Teach the offending student to open the door, say “good morning,” shake hands and be pleasant.  While doing this, talk to the student, build a relationship, be the model of what you want to see.


The student greeter assignments should be 2 to 5 days. After all, coaching and mentoring takes time.


Take advantage of my experience (and failures) and make this a morning only consequence.  You want to set a tone, coach the student up for a successful day, and create a fresh start. If you do this in the afternoon, the strategy is not nearly as effective.

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