The greatest gift that can fall into the lap of school administrator is the real “no-win” situation. To be clear, this means no matter what you do, you will personally lose.


Why is this a gift? Because only in this crucible will you find out if you are a leader or a pretender.


The situation always plays out like this…


A. Do the right thing to make things better for more students, now. And this will set into motion your rapid dismissal. This is bad.




B. Do the thing that appeases adults (this can be teachers, central office, or the school board) to the detriment of students, now. And this will set in motion your eventual dismissal. This is actually, worse


In Situation A, the real school leader will do right by her students and because of this will be able to interview for the next job with conviction and confidence. And the next job will come, usually with better pay and a bigger title.


In Situation B. the manager will play the political game and have to come up with a convincing cover story of why it wasn’t his fault that he got fired. And the next job is almost always a step backwards.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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