One of the original LYSer’s (now an Assistant Superintendent) shares the following:




I attended a Fundamental 5 training this morning at one of my middle schools.  Campus leadership added a 3-minute chime each period to their bell schedule as a cue for Lesson Closure. I haven’t seen this before and thought it was a great idea… Just passing along.


Our Fundamental 5 work is coming alive!


SC Response

That is awesome.  I’ve only seen what you describe at just 3 campuses across the country.  Here’s the thing to look out for…


Early on, Leadership has to monitor the Closing time window closely during the first month of the Fall and Spring Semester and spot check on a regular basis during the other months of the school year. Reminding teachers to Close, cueing teachers to Close, and in rare cases directing teachers to Close.


If leadership doesn’t do this, it won’t take long and the Closing chime turns into the “Pack Your Books and Wait for the Bell”chime.


Congratulate your Principal for being proactive and just pass on the implementation tip (which you can take credit for).


Here’s to a great year!!!


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