It’s time for a little real talk for the Oblivious and Unaware in our profession.


High School and Middle School Football Coaches, you had all summer to prepare for August football practices and revise the playbook.  When you sit in the back of the room during August staff development sessions and diagram plays and create your practice agenda, you are not multi-tasking.  You are showing everybody that you are an unprepared coach and an unprofessional educator. In other words, you are showing everyone how truly inconsequential you are the success of the organization. And you are making all coaches look bad.


Middle School and High School Administrators, when you allow the coaching staff to disengage from August staff development, you are conceding campus leadership to the unprepared and unprofessional. You are showing everybody how little importance you place on professionalism and campus success. And you are making all campus administrators look bad.


If reading this hits close to home, don’t get mad… Change. Be a better, more prepared, more professional version of yourself.


Or change professions. Either way it’s a win for students and the committed staff.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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