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  1. To be clear, immigrants, legal or not, are people who want to improve their lives. To refer to them as animals or insects is to foster hate. What’s happening in Washington and on our border is sad, wrong, and un-American. -Madeleine Albright (By @madeleine)


  1. The man entrusted by the Texas Legislature with $800 million for border security says, “Arming teachers is not going to be the answer,” when it comes to securing schools. (By @scottbraddock)


  1. “If you don’t know something, you are ignorant. If you know something and ignore it, you are negligent.” (By @eduk8r_Jared)


  1. It is a myth to equate morale with happiness. “Morale is unit cohesion in the face of adversity.” (By @mscott_learning)


  1. If pundits tell you something is true, and you don’t have the critical thinking skills to evaluate their statements, then you are putty in their hands, as they shape your world view to their will. (By @neiltyson)


  1. Real coaching occurs eyeball to eyeball and is 1 on 1. (By @eduk8r_Jared)


  1. For an instructional leader, visiting classrooms is like an athlete working on his/her footwork in most sports. (By @LYSNation)


  1. “Superstar teachers don’t do extraordinary things, they do ORDINARY things extraordinarily well.” (By @eduk8r_Jared)


  1. The hard part of leadership is fidelity. (By @LYSNation)


  1. 90% of the game is played above the shoulders. – Jim Geddes (By @CoachMotto)


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