The most common form of pushback from the naysayers, bullies and/or lazy staffers is to say, “Show me the research that this works.”


This stops most well-intentioned coaches, trainers and administrators in their tracks.  Not because what they are proposing is contrary to what research indicates is best practice, but because the request seems reasonable.


And because it seems reasonable the well-intentioned coach, trainer or administrator goes back to their office and begins the arduous process of compiling and documenting the relevant literature. All while the naysayer, bully or lazy staffer continues to do what they have always done, which is operate at a sub-optimal level.


Don’t fall for this. Instead say, “While you are implementing this new thing at full speed, go find me the research that says this doesn’t work.”


There is a chance that this will make the naysayer, bully and/or lazy staffer mad and say mean things behind your back.


So what?


Angry and doing the right thing is always better than happy and complacent doing the wrong thing.


Plus, if you are working with staff to implement best practice, all the research will point out that it works.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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