The news you have been waiting for! LYS Nation, due to your hard work and dedication, this was the most successful March for a Cure Challenge to date.  Last year’s the donation total was $1,300.00. Let’s add everything up for this year to see by how much we beat last year.


The first donation category is actual PowerWalks Observations, with 5¢ donated for every completed PowerWalk.  LYS Nation, during March you completed 23,058 classroom visits which adds $1,152.90 to the donation total. I like nice round numbers, so let’s round this up to $1,200.00.


The second donation category is Legendary Leadership Badges, with $2.00 donated for every badge earned.  LYS Nation, during March you earned 60 Legendary Leadership Badges which adds $120.00 to the donation total.  Let’s round that up to $150.00


The third donation category is to recognize the most heroic of the March Hero Schools. For leading all schools with 956 PowerWalks, we are adding $100.00 to the donation in the name of Crosby Middle School (Jefferson County Public Schools). We are also donating $50.00 each in the name of our category leaders, Kermit Elementary School (Kermit Independent School District), Farnsley Middle School (Jefferson County Public Schools), Zotz Alternative School (Galena Park Independent School District), and Socorro High School (Socorro Independent School District). This adds $300.00 to the donation total.


Our final donation category is to recognize the other fourteen campuses across the country who made the March 2018 PowerWalks hero school list (names to be shared later this week).  At $10.00 a campus, this would add another $140.00, but we’re going to round that up to $150.00.


Which means that the 2018 March For A Cure PowerWalks Challenge has generated a donation to the American Cancer Society of $1,800.00!!


Beating last year’s donation by $500.00! Thank you, LYS Nation!!!


Visit Classrooms… Beat Cancer!

Your turn…

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