There are those that don’t understand the power of reflective observation.  They mistakenly believe that there is nothing to learn after a few cursory visits to a classroom.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, the most important key to building insight and deeper understanding about teaching and learning is to engage in a steady volume of daily classroom observation.  What we have learned over the past ten years is that after about every 300 classroom observations, the observer will notice, discern, and/or learn something new… something that was previously hidden. It is the “Eureka” moment, and there is nothing else like it in instructional leadership.


In this pursuit, there is the PowerWalks Legendary Leadership Badge that is earned every 300th PowerWalks Observation. The following instructional leaders have already earned the Legendary Leadership Badge for the 2017/2018 school year (as of 2/28/18).


Six Legendary Leadership Badges

Julien Guillory (GPISD): February; January; December; November; November; October



Four Legendary Leadership Badges

Kenneth Bryant (GPISD): December; November; October; September



Three Legendary Leadership Badges

Eric Cormier (BISD): February; December; October

Karen Ivy (CISD): February; December; October

Shon Joseph (LISD): February; October: September

Janie Snyder (CISD): February; December; October



Javian Johnson (CISD): January; December; December



Two Legendary Leadership Badges

Emily Allen (JCPS): February; November

David Bobb (JCPS): February; November

Ashlee Boothe (CISD): February; November

Ruby Bonilla (GPISD): February; November

Sean Cain (LYS): February; February

Malinda Dutkowski (JCPS): February; November

Linda Hudson (JCPS): February; November

James Kisner (KISD): February; November

Van LeJeune (MISD): February; November

Christina Moore (GPISD): February; November

Amy Murphy (GPISD): February; October

Steve Sherrouse (CISD): February; November

Jesse Teran (SISD): February; December

Lori Wright (GPISD): February; November



Matt Ammerman (BISD): January; December

Kristy Dietrich (CISD): January; December

Edward Husk (CISD): January; November

Tera Marburgh (GPISD): January; October

Pattie Myers (CISD): January; October

Robert Reedy (JCPS): January; October

Patty Ward (MISD): January; November



Gerardo Cruz (GPISD): December; October

Nancy Delosa (GPISD): December; October

Angela Kupcho (CISD): December; November

Nassrin Spencer (CISD): December; November



Krystle Breden (GPISD): November; September

Chris Viator (LPISD): November; September



One Legendary Leadership Badge

Alice Acosta (SISD): February

Melissa Arneaud (GPISD): February

Thomas Atchley (GPISD): February

Angela Akin-Fonville (CFISD): February

Joanne Anguiano (SISD): February

Antonio Avalos (GPISD): February

Sheridan Barnett (JCPS): February

Victoria Barrera (GPISD): February

Ashleigh Barrett (GPISD): February

Tracey Beasley (GPISD): February

Ashley Blount (GPISD): February

Desiree’ Bush (JCPS): February

Candance Campbell (GPISD): February

Caleb Cannon (GPISD): February

Rose Maria Chavez-Avedician (SISD): February

Kimberly Clark (SISD): February

Grace Devost (GPISD): February

Konika Dillingham (JCPS): February

Lauren Dowell (JCPS): February

Jayme Duckett (GISD): February

Andre Dulaney (JCPS): February

Diane Duncan (SISD): February

Traci Durbin (JCPS): February

Loraine Dyess (GPISD): February

Toni Ellis (JCPS): February

Jennifer Engels (JCPS): February

Brandon Enos (KISD): February

Jennifer Esparza (SISD): February

German Espinoza (GPISD): February

Joyce Freddie (SISD): February

Kevin Garner (JCPS): February

Alison Gastin (CISD): February

Sonia Gonzales (KISD): February

Steve Gonzales (GPISD): February

Valerie Hairston (SISD): February

Heather Haley (JCPS): February

Andrea Heaton (JCPS): February

Glenda Henry (CFISD): February

Debbie Hensarling (GPISD): February

Stephen Howard (JCPS): February

James Husband (GPISD): February

Jeff Hucthinson (GPISD): February

Cedric Ivie (DISD): February

Caleb Jackson (NEISD): February

Chris Johnstone (JCPS): February

Courtney Jones (BRISD): February

Brandee Kaelin (JCPS): February

Tracey Kirchman (GPISD): February

Angela Kupcho (CISD): February

Mason Kyle (KISD): February

Kimberly Lanham (LPISD): February

Diana Lee (GPISD): February

Juan Carlos Lopez (SISD): February

Loretta McCalope (GPISD): February

Nicole Mettling (JCPS): February

Alan Moye (GPISD): February

Evita Mozee (JCPS): February

Jo Noel (GPISD): February

Brian Odom (KCISD): February

Regina Patrick-Sims (GPISD): February

Patricia Pedroza (SISD): February

Maria Perez (GPISD): February

David Pierson (GPISD): February

Regina Raiborn (CISD): February

Lee Ramirez (GPISD): February

Cassie Reescano (GPISD): February

Cindy Retana (SISD): February

Kelly Rivera (GPISD): February

Carrie Ross (BISD): February

Earl Sanchez (SISD): February

Michelle Seadler (JCPS): February

Frenda Serda-Gerardo (SISD): February

De’Nay Speaks (JCPS): February

Jose Trevino (GPISD): February

Terri Walding (GPISD): February

Ramon Wales (JCPS) February

LaKeisha Washington (GPISD): February

Jack Wheatley (JCPS): February



Steve Alley (GPISD): January

Tanisha Baker (GPISD): January

Glenn Barnes (CISD): January

Mike Beltran (SISD): January

Monta Bonham (CFISD): January

Shawn Bradford (DISD): January

Lowell Brown (GPISD): January

Romey Caldwell (LISD): January

Melissa Callaway (JCPS): January

Brandi Carney (JCPS): January

Luis Carrillo (SISD): January

Michelle Casas (CISD): January

Nick Chlon (JCPS): January

Angelica Cuellar (GPISD): January

Matthew Day (GPISD): January

Daniel Delgado (SISD): January

Francisco Delgado (NEISD): January

Luz Eblen (GPISD): January

Chris Eckford (GPISD): January

Stephen Fernandez (SISD): January

Cynthia Galaviz (GPISD): January

Jean Garza (GPISD): January

Alfredo Gomez (SISD): January

Vanessa Green (JCPS): January

Christal Hammond (CFISD): January

Jamie Hoard (GPISD): January

Delores Hughes (JCPS): January

Claudia Hurst (GISD): January

Linda Hyde (LPISD): January

Analia Jansen (SISD): January

Farnell JeanLouis (LISD): January

Janie Jimenez (GPISD): January

Margo Kelley (GPISD): January

Michael Kelly (JCPS): January

Rebecca Kreye (SISD): January

Greg Lauder (JCPS): January

David Lovinggood (GPISD): January

Jenea Mai (NEISD): January

Gilbert Martinez (SISD): January

Justin Matson (JCPS): January

Blake Maxwell (MISD): January

Stephen McCanless (CISD): January

Kimberly McKnight (MISD): January

Sandra McQuade (BISD): January

Michelle Merricks (CFISD): January

Bill Miller (JCPS): January

Shaunte Morris (GPISD): January

Lisa Noe (SISD): January

Jodi O’Bryan (JCPS): January

Lucia Palazzi (GPISD): January

Shelley Paquette-Gomez (GPISD): January

Kimberly Poindexter (JCPS): January

Edgar Ponce (SISD): January

Eli Ramke (CISD): January

Gina Reuter (CFISD): January

Dayne Robins (GPISD): January

Ginger Robbins (GISD): January

Rosario Rojas (SISD): January

Sean Russell (JCPS): January

Lorena Sandoval (SISD): January

Chesta Schneider (DISD): January

Rebecca Smith (CISD): January

Rob Stephenson (JCPS): January

Tracy Terrell (LISD): January

Leandra Torra (JCPS): January

Eleana Vasquez (GPISD): January

Cristina Wehmeyer (GPISD): January

Beth White (JCPS): January

Megan Winter (JCPS): January

Angela Wood (CISD): January



Michael Alvarez (LPISD): December

Pete Armstrong (CISD): December

Tori Bernard (CISD): December

Bryan Brooks (CISD): December

Shannon Clancy (CISD): December

DeDe Conaway (BISD): December

Rebecca Conrad (SISD): December

Kim Coslow (JCPS): December

Jim Dawson (JCPS): December

Rolaura Deanda (SISD): December

Greg Fehr (JCPS): December

Tony Gardea (GPISD): December

Anna Gonzalez (GPISD): December

Juan Gonzalez (SISD): December

Bart Graves (GPISD): December

James Hair (GPISD): December

Andrew Halatyn (SISD): December

Jimmy Heffernan (GISD): December

Jillian Howard (GPISD): December

Joni Husband (JCPS): December

Shunta Jackson (LISD): December

Dennis Jamison (CISD): December

Beverly Johnson (JCPS); December

Javian Johnson (CISD): December

Paige Johnson (DISD): December

Laura Juarez (SISD: December

John Killough (GPISD): December

Charita Kimbrough (JCPS): December

Talisha Machuca (GPISD): December

Jeffrey Marshall (JCPS); December

Brian Meers (JCPS): December

Amanda Morrison (LISD): December

Ericka Nelson (LISD): December

Sara Nethery (JCPS): December

Maxann Newby (JCPS): December

Nicole Newsome (GPISD): December

Alejandro Olvera (SISD): December

Katie Perkins (GPISD): December

Jessica Rose (LPISD): December

Sandra Salge (GPISD): December

Heather Seibert (GPISD): December

Keith Skiles (GPISD): December

Donald Spanyer (JCPS): December

Sheila Stephens (CISD): December

Jason Stinson (JCPS): December

Sima Tammer (GPISD): December

Jesse Teran (SISD): December

Aimee Tolleson (GISD): December

Josh Tovar (SISD): December

Grisel Wallace (LPISD): December

Melissa Watts (JCPS): December

Lisa Weaver (DISD): December

Brian Williams (CISD): December

Carol Williams (LPISD): December



Allison Alpha (CISD): November

Norma Briseno (DISD): November

Stephanie Curl (JCPS): November

Susan Finkle (CCSD1): November

Teri Hans (JCPS): November

Jamie Hargrave (GPISD): November

Danielle Harney (GPISD): November

Genevieve Harris (JCPS): November

GayLynn Holt (DISD): November

Jeremy Jenkins (JCPS): November

Jeff Jennings (JCPS): November

Angela Johnson (JCPS): November

Amanda Lisso (DISD): November

Kimberly Martin (GPISD): November

Myron Montgomery (JCPS): November

Christina Moore (GPISD); November

Dawn Roy (JCPS): November

Shannon Smith (JCPS): November

Andre Taylor (LISD): November

Tara Thompson (GPISD): November

Brianna Vorhis-Topping (GPISD): November

Susan Webb (JCPS): November

Alyson Wilkins (CISD): November

Mark Williams (SISD): November



Toni Chapman (CCSD1): October

Jennifer Engels (LPISD): October

Larry Gerhart (LPISD): October

Greg Lauder (JCPS): October

Barika Noris (GPISD): October

Candace Pohl (LPISD): October



Derrick Brown (SISD): September


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