Here at LYS, we love great instruction and @$#&* HATE cancer!


Which is why for the third year in a row we are sponsoring the 2018 March for a Cure PowerWalks Challenge!


LYS Nation, join us in some cancer ass kicking.


Starting today, for every PowerWalks classroom observation conducted during the month of March, LYS will donate 5¢ to the American Cancer Society.


For every elementary school that conducts at least 300 observations, middle school that conducts at least 350 observations, alternative school that conducts at least 150 observations, and high school that conducts at least 400 observations in March, we donate another $10.00.


For every observer who earns a Legendary Leadership Badge in March, we will donate another $2.00.


Last year, thanks to the hard work of the LYS Nation, we donated $1,300.00 to further the fight against cancer. This year let’s double that total.


My goal is 200 observations for the cause.  Tweet me (@LYSNation) or e-mail me ( your personal and/or campus March for a Cure goal.


Visit Classrooms… Beat Cancer!

Your turn…

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