As regular readers and LYSers are aware, in December we concluded the PowerWalks Hurricane Relief Challenge.  LYS donated a nickel for every PowerWalk completed between August 25, 2017 and December 22, 2017.  The final donation total (benefitting Aransas County Independent School District, Monroe County School District, Puerto Rico Department of Education, and U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Education) was $8,400.00.  That’s a lot of nickels and a lot of PowerWalks.


We are grateful to every school and educator who participated. Just like votes, every nickel was important.  But there were also schools that made a consistent high-level commitment during the entire challenge.  I want to recognize these campuses at this time:


The PowerWalks Hurricane Relief Challenge Super Heroes

Elementary Schools (more than 1,100 classroom visits) Middle Schools (more than 1,550 classroom visits) Alternative Schools (more than 400 classroom visits) High Schools (more than 1,950 classroom visits)
Eastside ES (Cleveland ISD) – 2,760 Cunningham MS (Galena Park ISD) – 3,379 Zotz Campus (Galena Park ISD) – 1,999 North Shore Senior HS (Galena Park ISD) – 5,667
Southside ES (Cleveland ISD) – 2,511 Cleveland MS (Cleveland ISD) – 2,788 CTE ECHS (Galena Park ISD) – 432  Socorro HS (Socorro ISD) – 3,346
Northside ES (Cleveland ISD) – 2,015 North Shore MS (Galena Park ISD) – 2,333   Lancaster HS (Lancaster ISD) – 2,823
Clover Leaf ES (Galena Park ISD) – 1,689 Farnsley MS (Jefferson County Public Schools) – 2,263   North Shore 9th (Galena Park ISD) – 2,814
Tice ES (Galena Park ISD) – 1,419 Crosby MS (Jefferson County Public Schools) – 2,206   Galena Park HS (Galena Park ISD) – 2,756
Pyburn ES (Galena Park ISD) – 1,413 Elsie Robertson MS (Lancaster ISD) – 2,037   Cleveland HS (Cleveland ISD) – 2,804
M. Robinson ES (Cypress-Fairbanks ISD) – 1,382 Johnson Traditional MS (Jefferson County Public Schools) – 1,785   Valley HS (Jefferson County Public Schools) – 2,576
Duryea ES (Cypress-Fairbanks ISD) – 1,376 La Porte JS (La Porte ISD) – 1,777   Pleasure Ridge Park HS (Jefferson County Public Schools) – 1,995
Cane Run ES (Jefferson County Public Schools) – 1,356 Cobb 6th Grade Campus (Galena Park ISD) – 1,587    
Olmstead Academy-South (Jefferson County Public Schools) – 1,315 Galena Park MS (Galena Park ISD) – 1,559    
Rawlins ES (Carbon County School District 1) – 1,302      
North Shore ES (Galena Park ISD) – 1,288      
Normandy Crossing ES (Galena Park ISD) – 1,261      
Cimarron ES (Galena Park ISD) – 1,248      
Sam Houston ES (Galena Park ISD) – 1,198      
MacArthur ES (Galena Park ISD) – 1,119      
Medora ES (Jefferson County Public Schools) – 1,113      


Again, Thank You!


Coming Soon: The PowerWalks March for Cure Challenge (AKA: The Let’s Beat the Crap Out Cancer Challenge)

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