If you are not following @LYSNation on Twitter, then you missed the Top 10 LYS Tweets from the week of December 10, 2017 when they were first posted.  And if you are on Twitter, you might want to check out the Tweeters who made this week’s list.

1. Will we protect universal public education for all children? Or privatize it for the few who can afford it? That is the spiritual crisis of our time. (By @pastors4txkids)

2. Never let anyone fail before you’ve done everything appropriate to help them succeed. (By @Leadershipfreak)

3. We promote what we permit. A culture can never rise above the worst behavior that is allowed. It all starts with our leadership and our example. (By @jistintarte)

4. You don’t really know if you can lead others until you have been opposed by others. If you can’t handle opposition, you can’t handle leadership. (By @RickHaasl)

5. Coaches: Be the coach and mentor that you needed when you were a teenager. (By @CoachOzee)

6. Hire the type of person who stops to pick up trash on the floor because they take pride in where they work even though it’s not ‘officially’ their job. (By @jistintarte)

7. Success doesn’t depend on getting every single thing right, but instead relies on identifying key priorities and fashioning them into powerful levers. (By DrKign_BBJH)

8. GOP hammering students while giving tax breaks to the ultra-rich should not surprise America. Look at Texas. When GOP came to power they almost immediately began dismantling financial support for college education. (By @CollierForTexas)

9. Folks confident in their actions, honesty and their innocence don’t bother trying to run down other folks so hard because if the truth is on their side, they’ll be fine. (By @chucktodd)

10. I’m amazed at the range of intelligence in our species. On one end you have people exploring galaxies and quantum physics. On the other you have Flat Earthers. Other species don’t have this. You won’t see one wolf doing long division while another refuses to believe that trees are real. (By @Thunt_Goblins)

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