In furtherance of a LYS Nation tradition, we will take this time to tip our caps to the campuses that have embraced the most important step in creating and maintaining an action oriented professional learning community.  These are the campuses that have conducted an extraordinary number of formative classroom observations in a given month.  November continued our Hurricane Relief Challenge so the targets were aggressive

Your November Hurricane Relief Targets High Schools – 500 PowerWalks Observations Middle Schools / Junior High Schools – 375 PowerWalks Observations Elementary / Intermediate / Combined Campuses – 275 PowerWalks Observations Alternative Schools – 100 PowerWalks Observations.

This is the last month of our Hurricane Relief Challenge. Which means that we are staying aggressive with the Hero Targets for December.

Your December Hurricane Relief Targets High Schools – 300 PowerWalks Observations Middle Schools / Junior High Schools – 200 PowerWalks Observations Elementary / Intermediate / Combined Campuses – 150 PowerWalks Observations Alternative Schools – 75 PowerWalks Observations.

LYS Nation, keep stepping up!

Now without further ado, here are your thirty-three PowerWalks Hero Schools for the month of November 2017.  Congratulations!!!

Elementary Schools & Combined CampusesMiddle Schools & Junior High SchoolsAlternative SchoolsHigh Schools
Eastside ES (CISD) – 844Cleveland MS (CISD) – 939Zotz Campus (GPISD) – 780North Shore Senior HS (GPISD) – 1,170
Southside Primary School (CISD) – 605Cunningham MS (GPISD) – 694CTE ECHS (GPISD) – 147Socorro HS (SISD) – 819
Cloverleaf ES (GPISD) – 497North Shore MS (GPISD) – 676North Shore 9th Grade Campus (GPISD) – 743
Pyburn ES (GPISD) – 494Farnsley MS (JCPS) – 627Cleveland HS (CISD) – 693
North Shore ES (GPISD) – 488Cobb 6th Grade Campus (GPISD) – 547Lancaster HS (LISD) – 629
Tice ES (GPISD) – 470Galena Park MS (GPISD) – 506Valley HS (JCPS) – 549
Emery ES (CFISD) – 444Woodland Acres MS (GPISD) – 481
Cane Run ES (JCPS) – 416Johnson Traditional MS (JCPS) – 450
Galena Park ES (GPISD) – 382
M. Robinson ES (CFISD) – 375
Cimmarron ES (GPISD) – 369
Havard ES (GPISD) – 369
Sam Houston ES (GPISD) – 363
Rawlins ES (CCSD1) – 345
Wellington ES (JCPS) – 317
McFerran Preparatory Academy (JCPS) – 310
Northside ES (CISD) – 305

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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