There are those that don’t understand the power of reflective observation.  They mistakenly believe that there is nothing to learn after a few cursory visits to a classroom.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, the most important key to building insight and deeper understanding about teaching and learning is to engage in a steady volume of daily classroom observation.  What we have learned over the past ten years is that after about every 300 classroom observations, the observer will notice, discern, and/or learn something new… something that was previously hidden. It is the “Eureka” moment, and there is nothing else like it in instructional leadership.

In this pursuit, there is the PowerWalks Legendary Leadership Badge that is earned every 300th PowerWalks Observation. The following instructional leaders have already earned the Legendary Leadership Badge for the 2017/2018 school year (as of 11/30/17).

Three Legendary Leadership Badges Kenneth Bryant (GPISD): November; October; September Julien Guillory (GPISD): November; November; October

Two Legendary Leadership Badges Krystle Breden (GPISD): November; September Julien Guillory (GPISD): November; October Chris Viator (LPISD): November; September

Shon Joseph (LISD): October: September

One Legendary Leadership Badge Emily Allen (JCPS): November Allison Alpha (CISD): November David Bobb (JCPS): November Ruby Bonilla (GPISD): November Ashlee Boothe (CISD): November Norma Briseno (DISD): November Stephanie Curl (JCPS): November Malinda Dutkowski (JCPS): November Susan Finkle (CCSD1): November Teri Hans (JCPS): November Jamie Hargrave (GPISD): November Danielle Harney (GPISD): November Genevieve Harris (JCPS): November GayLynn Holt (DISD): November Linda Hudson (JCPS): November Edward Husk (CISD): November Jeremy Jenkins (JCPS): November Jeff Jennings (JCPS): November Angela Johnson (JCPS): November James Kisner (KISD): November Angela Kupcho (CISD): November Van LeJeune (MISD): November Amanda Lisso (DISD): November Kimberly Martin (GPISD): November Myron Montgomery (JCPS): November Christina Moore (GPISD); November Dawn Roy (JCPS): November Steve Sherrouse (CISD): November Shannon Smith (JCPS): November Nassrin Spencer (CISD): November Andre Taylor (LISD): November Tara Thompson (GPISD): November Brianna Vorhis-Topping (GPISD): November Patty Ward (MISD): November Susan Webb (JCPS): November Alyson Wilkins (CISD): November Mark Williams (SISD): November Lori Wright (GPISD): November

Toni Chapman (CCSD1): October Eric Cormier (BISD): October Gerardo Cruz (GPISD): October Nancy Delosa (GPISD): October Jennifer Engels (LPISD): October Larry Gerhart (LPISD): October Karen Ivy (CISD): October Greg Lauder (JCPS): October Tera Marburgh (GPISD): October Ann Murphy (GPISD): October Pattie Myers (CISD): October Barika Noris (GPISD): October Candace Pohl (LPISD): October Robert Reedy (JCPS): October Janie Snyder (GPISD): October

Derrick Brown (SISD): September

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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