The 5 Year Plan

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I had a non-LYS Assistant Superintendent tell me once, “Do you know what the problem is with you guys? You don’t have 5 Year Plans. You LYSers are too short-sighted.” 

He was telling me this as part of his explanation for why his non-improving schools were actually doing better than the improving LYS schools.

So, I just replied, “When exactly is your 5 Year Plan supposed to actually yield results?”

On one level he was right, we’re not big fans of the Five-Year Plan.  Instead, we are advocates for having a series of 1Year Plans.  Make your 1 Year Plan, run full speed, assess at the end of the year.  Make a new 1 Year Plan, run full speed, assess at the end of the year. And so on…

The World changes overnight.  A series of 1 Year Plans reflects this reality. 

In contrast, the 5 Year Plan (which often take a year or more to create) is generally outdated before the ink dries on the paper.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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