If you are not following @LYSNation on Twitter, then you missed the Top 10 LYS Tweets from the week of October 22, 2017 when they were first posted.  And if you are on Twitter, you might want to check out the Tweeters who made this week’s list.

1. If the Texas public education community doesn’t see today’s political landscape as a clear and present danger, they aren’t watching closely enough. (By @RatliffT)

2. Teachers, use your “outside” voices! Public schools are under attack. People need to hear the truth from you! (By @GayAdelmann)

3. It’s not ‘my’ team… it’s our team. It’s not ‘my’ school… it’s our school. It’s not ‘my’ idea… it’s our idea. Words matter. (By @justintarte)

4. Cyber-education targets poor children when what that child needs most is a loving, human, in-the-flesh teacher. (By @pastors4txkids)

5. So much happening in our country requires us people of privilege to use that privilege to advocate for others. (By @Snowmanlearning)

6. The broadest range of educational choices for students is found in our public education system. (By @NSBAComm)

7. Our goal with assessment isn’t to identify unsuccessful teachers or students, it should be to identify unsuccessful teaching methods. (By @plugusin)

8. Coaching maximizes potential, expands capacity, and enhances fulfillment. (By @Leadershipfreak)

9. There are 1.2 million teachers and retired teachers in Texas. Only 600,000 votes decided the Lieutenant Governor’s race. Do the math. (By @Dr_Chap_JISD)

10. Get Attention: Vote! (By @drdanawest)

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