A LYS Assistant Principal asks the following:
What knowledge or skills help a campus leader move through a range of demands and decisions required to efficiently and effectively manage operations and resources?
SC Response Great question that has a two-part answer.
Part 1: Experience.  The principalship represents the greatest learning curve in education.  To go from having input in decisions or limited decision making authority to being responsible for the performance and behavior of students and staff, 24/7 is at first overwhelming.  For the first year principal, everything is new, everything must be reviewed and the pace is relentless. Which is why, all things be equal, the experienced principal gets hired over the in-experienced assistant principal in most districts.
Part 2: After experience, here are the basic skills, understanding and characteristics that any decent principal must have.
1. The ability to deal with people, especially difficult people.
2. The ability to manage up.
3. A solid understanding of pedagogy.
4. A solid understanding of effective literacy practice.
5. A solid understanding of basic data analysis and adjustment practices.
6. A solid understanding of how to build and manage a flexible budget.
7. A burning desire to recruit staff and build successful teams.
8. The discipline and fortitude to fire.
9. A fundamental need to compete.
Think. Work. Achieve.
Your turn…

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