In the previous post, I addressed two critical points relating to the implementation of best instructional practice in the classroom.

Point 1: In the typical classroom, higher yield instructional practices are significantly underrepresented.

Point 2: A series of purposeful staff training with appropriate leadership engagement can increase the frequency of higher yield instructional practices that are observed in classrooms.

You can choose to argue these points, but you would be arguing emotionally or anecdotally, not objectively.

My concluding point is that some training is good, but the on-going training, emphasis and support centered on the implementation of Fundamental Best Instructional Practice changes not only the climate and culture of a campus but increases student outcomes.

Consider the following graph.

The green bars represent initial frequency of observed best practices at the typical campus, regardless of grade level or wealth of the community.  As one can see, the frequency of all elements is low.

The red bars represent the typical campus after a series of embedded staff training. This is a significant improvement and the frequency of observed best instructional practice is significantly better than that of the typical campus.

The blue bars represent the same campus after a second series of embedded staff training was conducted in Year 2.  First, the bars again represent an improvement from both baseline and Year 1 levels.  Second, what the blue bars do not represent, but what was reported by both campus administration and the observation team, is that the quality of the observed practices was significantly better after two rounds of training and support.

The takeaway from this discussion…. Awareness does not equal execution.  Execution does not equal expertise.  Expertise requires specific propose, focused support, and reflective practice over time.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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