The problem with scope and sequence implementation is that essentially, at scale, no one implements their scope and sequence. Don’t protest, this is common knowledge.

But here is the deal, when it comes to scope and sequence implementation, campus leadership has three choices.  In rank order these choices are:

1. Commit, train, support and monitor full fidelity implementation. This is the optimal solution.  And schools that do this, consistently outperform schools that do not. Don’t protest, this is common knowledge.

2. Do not implement a scope and sequence. I am not suggesting that you do this.  But if your campus is affluent, your students will meet minimum standards with or without you. Don’t protest, this is common knowledge.

3. Implement only part of the scope and sequence.  This is typical practice.  You should avoid this option at costs.  It guarantees eventual failure.  And it is not the fault of the scope and sequence.  It is pure implementation failure.  Implementing parts of a scope and sequence is like trying to fly a plane that has only one wing.  The only assured result is a spectacular crash.    

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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