Dishonest Political Logic: We need vouchers to save poor public school children from failing public schools.  The parents of these poor children will use the vouchers to assist in paying for tuition at good private schools.

Honest Question: How do we know that public schools are failing?

Dishonest Political Logic: We know that public schools are failing because they are not meeting state accountability standards.

Honest Question: How do we know that private schools are good?

Dishonest Political Logic: We know that private schools are good because they are not failing to meet state accountability standards. BECAUSE THERE ARE NO STATE ACCOUNTABILITY STANDARDS FOR PRIVATE SCHOOLS.

Honest Question: So instead of vouchers, why don’t we level the playing field? 

Either repeal state public school accountability standards. Then just like private schools, there will be no unacceptable public schools. This would seem to be a small government, fiscally conservative solution.

Or make private schools meet all state accountability and operational standards. This is kind of a big government solution. But at least both of these solutions are… honest.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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