Don’t trust the politicians who wraps themselves in the cloak of, “I support vouchers because they are good for children.”

They are LYING.

Vouchers are not good for children. Vouchers STEAL from children. 

Let me explain.  There are two ways to fund vouchers.  The first is to take money that is earmarked for public schools and public school children and divert that STOLEN money to fund private school vouchers.

The second way to fund vouchers is to leave public school funding at its current IMPOVERISHED state and find money from other sources to fund vouchers. Except this new money isn’t new. It was already in place. Only the ANTI-PUBLIC SCHOOL politician had previously decided that public school children didn’t need that funding.  Which means the politician was PURPOSEFULLY UNDERFUNDING public education.

No matter how LYING politicians try to spin underfunding and stealing from public school children, it is never good for public school children. It is VICTIMIZING public school children.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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